Can Women lead the Technology World in Africa?

Women in Africa are making Difference in Technology Sphere

Can women lead the technology world in Africa? Is the female contribution in technology making any difference to inspire the next generation? Well, the statistics prove this claim pretty much right as African technology market has seen many successful startups that are led by female entrepreneurs. Not only the local authorities are focused on empowering females with technology, but international organizations like UNO are also contributing to this mission.


A few months back, The UN Office for South-South Cooperation conducted a training workshop for females. The mission statement of this effort was to ensure equal learning opportunities for women in technology in Africa. In comparison to fierce competition and demand for talented minds in technology and computer world, the market has a lot to offer to females. If you are looking for a brighter future in Africa, being a female, entrepreneurship is the perfect sector for you.

Opportunities for Women in Small Startups

The entrepreneurial community in Africa is cooperative towards the contribution of women in technology. The world is adopting smart solutions to boost productivity and the revenue and now is the time to make your contribution to the mission. Especially in the case of small business, females are most likely to be successful entrepreneurs due to less competition and more ROI.

Statistics and Analytics for Women in Technology in Africa

International organizations and movements are closely observing the growing part of women in Africa in different sectors of life. As per the recent surveys and reports, Sub-Saharan Africa is on the top of the list with almost 27% of woman entrepreneurs.

At the global level, the contribution of women in African Tech market is making even more remarkable achievements. According to a survey of 2017 by MasterCard Index of Women Entrepreneurs, two countries have the highest percentage of women in the technology and entrepreneurship sector.

  • Uganda at the top of the list with 34.8% of females in technology sectors
  • Botswana with 34.6% of women entrepreneurs globally

The Change Makers

As per the overall survey, almost 30% of women in professional fields are from the tech industry, and this ratio is even higher in Sub-Saharan Africa, where it is nearly 30%. Still, there is a massive gap between the percentage of women and men in STEM. The inspirational, successful ladies in tech are going to motivate the next generation to fill this gap soon.

Professional Mentorship in Tech Sector for Women in Africa.

The overall system for women in Africa needs proper and professional mentorship to facilitate females with brighter chances of pursuing a career. The networking capabilities for women in tech are also nowhere close to the other regions world. 

The current infrastructure of professional growth in Africa does not seem to be supporting the promotion of women to management positions. Due to the lack of platforms to share the success stories of women in tech, most of the fantastic startups are underrated that are led by females. 

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