Elizabeth Masiyiwa; the strong and inspiring tech executive.

“To succeed as a young entrepreneur you need creativity, passion, boldness, pragmatism and a lot of patience.”.

Elizabeth Masiyiwa

Elizabeth’s drive to become an entrepreneur of great impact in the 21st century was fueled by her positive attitude and mindset as displayed in her quote above. She is of Zimbabwean descent. 

Being born into a family of entrepreneurs helped harness her passion at a tender age. Having the opportunity of working in underprivileged areas through volunteer work as a young girl, ignited a passion to provide equal opportunities for young people raised in such areas.

Elizabeth Masiyiwa is a social entrepreneur who desires to make individual lives better through technology-based solutions primarily in education. It is in line with this that she co-founded Simba Education, an edtech startup whose aim is to make quality early childhood education accessible to the majority with the aid of technology.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and International Finance and a Master’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship.


Elizabeth desires to give young underprivileged ones an opportunity to rise and impact society positively, therefore in addition to being an entrepreneur is also a philanthropist.

She serves as the Executive Director of Delta Philanthropies and sits on the board of Higherlife Foundation where she leads the Office of Design and Innovation. 

Elizabeth co-manages a social impact investment fund that invests in initiatives that promote economic development in Southern Africa. Prior to her role, she was the analyst for UNICEF’s Innovation Venture Fund. 

The African continent is rich in culture, history, and home to the world’s most precious resources. Yet, its most invaluable resource is its people. 

Elizabeth believes that education is the key to reforming the African continent and the world at large, hence has invested greatly in education through technology. 

She is the CEO of Akello, a subsidiary of ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe. Akello is an e-learning platform which seeks to take learning opportunities to the doorstep of millions of students 

in Sub-Saharan Africa. This platform targets learners from early childhood learning stages up to high school.

Simba Education is also a social business founded by Elizabeth Masiyiwa since 2017. The education hub offers quality tutoring to its students and seeks to improve access to quality early childhood education in Southern Africa. Elizabeth feels challenged by the growing need of underprivileged children to present creative solutions through technology and quality education.

With the aim of impacting African leadership, Elizabeth has co-founded The Star Leadership Academy where she serves as the director of Academics. The institution offers an intensive and practical learning experience to academically gifted African students with strong leadership qualities.


Elizabeth is a recipient of the Hultz Prize Challenge, an accelerator for young social entrepreneurs.

She serves on the board of Cassava Smartech, Ashesi Foundation and Higherlife Foundation where she leads the Office of Design & Innovation.  

Additionally, Miss Masiyiwa sits on Harvard University’s Leadership Council for the Centre of Africa Studies and advises several entrepreneurship and philanthropy networks.

She also co-manages a social impact investment fund that invests in initiatives which promote economic development in Southern Africa. Prior to her role, she was the lead analyst for UNICEF’s Innovation Venture Fund. 

Elizabeth was the youngest nominee of the 2018 African Choiseul 200 List, a France-based think-tank that ranks the top economic leaders below 40 years.

Elizabeth Masiyiwa is an exemplary young entrepreneur whose attitude is worth emulating. Through her initiatives and achievements, she does not fail to reiterate the fact that young Africans can impact their societies and the world at large greatly. #beyondtheskyisthelimit


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