About Us

In the fourth industrial revolution, technology is the biggest driver and Africa seem to be the last continent to enjoy the full opportunities that this revolution has to offer.

Moreso, women entrepreneurs especially those in technology are virtually missing. The goal of Shetechpreneurs is to identify these women, celebrate and inspire them to keep doing what they are doing and more.

Shetechpreneurs is an online community of Female Entrepreneurs working in the tech industry, using technology in their business or building technology tools especially to solve social problems. We believe that a society where women are allowed to build and develop themselves is the society that will have the fastest growth in history.

Our main services include
  • Celebrating Women in Technology Business
  • Highlighting a Tech Event in Africa
  • Creating a directory for female-led businesses in Africa
What can you contact us for
  • Call for an interview
  • Submit your press statement
  • Advertise your business and products
  • Submit a blog
  • Submit an event
  • Feature on podcast
  • Call for partnership or collaboration on projects
  • Book for an event

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