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“I’ve never held the view that women are better than men, or that the best way to improve the world is for women to gain more power than men. I think male dominance is harmful to society because any dominance is harmful: It means society is governed by a false hierarchy where power and opportunity are awarded according to gender, age, wealth, and privilege—not according to skill, effort, talent, or accomplishments. When a culture of dominance is broken, it activates power in all of us. So the goal for me is not the rise of women and the fall of man. It is the rise of both women and men from a struggle for dominance to a state of partnership.
If the goal is partnership between women and men, why do I put so much emphasis on women’s empowerment and women’s groups? My answer is that we draw strength from each other, and we often have to convince ourselves that we deserve an equal partnership before we get one.”
― Melinda Gates, The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World

The Problem

In the fourth industrial revolution, technology is the biggest driver and Africa seem to be the last continent to enjoy the full opportunities that this revolution has to offer.

Moreso, women entrepreneurs especially those in technology are virtually missing. The goal of Shetechpreneurs is to identify these women, celebrate and inspire them to keep doing what they are doing and more.

Our Solution

Shetechpreneurs is an online community of Female Entrepreneurs working in the tech industry, using technology in their business or building technology tools especially to solve social problems.

We believe that a society where women are allowed to build and develop themselves is the society that will have the fastest growth in history.

As part of our quest to celebrate women in technology and business, we have a Business Directory for you to list your business.

Join the growing community of the next change makers in Africa.

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Charity has used the past seven years gathering knowledge and skills in digital technology and marketing we will be glad to help you with your inquiries. Click here to learn more about her. Reach out to us at hello@shetechpreneurs.com.


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