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Charity started her tech journey when she quit her job as a brands associate in a fast moving consumer product company to learn coding.

She did this because she was fascinated while working in her field in marketing, that everything was digital. In her everyday research to make herself better, she just realized that she needed to work around tech tools which she had zero knowledge in. Codes did bore her because she never understood anything. Soon her boss, started asking third party companies to come do stuffs like website, apps which and again she was fascinated.  What if she can do this too.

At Women In Tech Week Africa, 2019 Edition

From her research, she knew it was not going to be easy being a marketing person, at least the marketing person she had always wanted to be if she didn’t understand at least a basic code. So she did the unthinkable,  she quit her job and joined an all women accelerator, the Unlocking Women and Technology program for a year.

She learnt basic html and Css, and then went ahead to create her first website but could not launch it because all the guys who could help her were asking for incentives that she could not give. She went ahead to use wordpress to create her first ever website (click here to read her lessons from her website)

Businesses: Muqafrik & eSchoolfinder Group

Career: Tech and Automation Lead

Skills: project management, leadership, digital marketing, data analytics, ecommerce, website design, speaking/trainer, social media marketing, content marketing, using digital tools for remote work.

Passion Project: Shetechpreneur


From there, she has gone to build more websites most of which are ecommerce website. Currently, she works as a Tech and Automation in an International Exports and Business Advisory company.

During some weekends, she is either in a class learning a new skill or improving her coding lessons and or attending tech events where she networks with women just like her.

Charity is very inquisitive and always learning something new. She loves to listen to leadership and marketing podcasts, read books, enroll in an ecourse or attending a webinar. She is a firm believer that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

My goal is to use all this knowledge from programming, data analytics, project management, automating workflows, strategic business consulting etc to help grow businesses especially in Africa.

  • I have a deep desire to see small and medium enterprises in Africa adopt digital tools to grow
  • My desire is to see women thrive in tech businesses using channels like Shetechpreneurs.com
  • I am very passionate about reducing unemployment by helping young people acquire digital skills

My quest (passion) in building Shetechpreneur is to look for other people like myself, share their stores  teach and encourage each other. I want to look for people like myself who are doing anything in the technology space and highlight their successes.

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